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    Health is the best blessing we can get. Yet, our bustling life and riotous calendar can deny us of this blessing. The Whole body checkup Package includes a thorough check of all systems, including evaluation of cardiac systems, diabetes, liver function, etc. Whole body checkup gives a detailed evaluation of the health status of a person and is strongly recommended for all individuals having pre-existing illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, or any other chronic diseases. 


    Whole body checkup tests like Radiology test, Cardiology test, and Pathology test can give information that helps specialists to screen early hazard factors, therefore pick preventive and less-intrusive activities, screen reasonable cure and track the destiny of maladies.


    Full body checkup costs and advantages.

    Full body checkup in Pune is the claim to fame of Express Clinics. Our different Health Checkup packages offer a wide scope of tests that can give knowledge into your present health status. It can prompt early identification of major and minor ailments and early intercession to spare valuable time in treatment arranging.


    The full body health chek-up cost at Rs. 6999 at Express Clinics. The health package covers around 96 test parameters like Hemogram with ESR (19), Fasting & PP Blood Sugar (2), Urine routine (20), Renal Profile (3), Liver Function Test (11), Lipid Profile (7), Thyroid profile (3), HBA1c, HBsAg, Sr Calcium, C Reactive Protein, Iron Studies (3), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Electrolytes (3), Urine Microalbumin, Pap Smear/ PSA, Chest X-Ray, ECG, USG Abdomen & Pelvis, 2D ECHO, TMT, Spirometry, Mammography/Sonomammography, MBBS Consultation, Opthal Consultation, Gynecologist Consultation ( For Women), Dental Consultation, Diet Consultation, Physical Examination (5).


    Radiology, Cardiology and Pathology tests under one rooftop are the center quality of our genuinely absolute health checkup packages in Pune. Most health checkup packages center around blood tests as they were. We furnish total health checkups with all tests and translation done by a master group of specialists. We can give entire body checkup and full body checkup in Pune with our master radiology administrations like X-beam and Sonography.


    The cardiology test together with a radiology test helps us convey the best full body checkup in Pune to people of all age gatherings. Our adaptability of coordinating pathology tests with radiology and cardiology tests has made us pioneer in Preventive health checkup packages in Pune.

    Health Checkup Packages In Pune

    Express Clinics furnish total health checkup package with attention on giving quality outcomes at moderate expenses to customers.

    We give different administrations like full body checkup in Pune, health checkup packages in Pune, best full body checkup in Pune, all-out body checkup in Pune, full body checkup close to me, entire body checkup in Pune, full body checkup, complete health checkup in Pune, health checkup Pune, preventive health checkup packages in Pune and so forth.

    Start your healthy voyage with us. Keep in mind a healthy way of life is your decision. So take a healthy choice today and book a Health checkup packages Or Full body checkup in Pune.

    • Executive Health Check Up

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      Executive Health Check Up
       4,940  1,999

      71 Parameters

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    • Express Health Check Up

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      Express Health Check Up
       11,760  4,699

      88 Parameters

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    • FAMILY CARD – Family 1 + 3 person (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Individual (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Self + Spouse (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen (Above 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen Couple (Above 60 Years)

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    • Full Body Check Up

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      Full Body Check Up
       18,335  6,999

      96 Parameters

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    • Master Health Check Up

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      Master Health Check Up
       7,070  2,999

      71 Parameters

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    • Preventive Health Check Up

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      Preventive Health Check Up
       2,720  999

      63 Parameters

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    • Senior Citizen Annual Health Care Plan @ Home

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      Senior Citizen Annual Health Care Plan @ Home
       24,820  13,650

      70 Parameters

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    • Senior Citizen Health Check Up

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      Senior Citizen Health Check Up
       9,800  3,599

      70 Parameters

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    • Smart Women Package

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      Smart Women Package
       8,800  3,999

      72 Test Parameters

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    Advantages of Regular Check-Ups

    1. Lower Healthcare Costs

    The idea of a gigantic specialist’s bill is overwhelming to the best of us.

    In the event that one needs to eliminate the healthcare costs they may bring about it is significant that one timetables a normal health screening.

    These customary registration guarantee that you set aside cash over the long haul. This is the situation since standard health registration moderate the danger of potential health diseases that can end up being risky. It can likewise, in specific cases, help decrease the dangers of experiencing medical procedure and different genuine restorative use.


    1. Stops Diseases from developing in any way

    Normal therapeutic registration help the specialists analyze an illness before it advances to more noteworthy extents.

    These screenings are done based on a person’s age, sex, history, and way of life decisions.

    The specialists can exhort various tests and safeguard screenings to help identify any hazard to the patient. These screenings can distinguish infections at the beginning making it simpler to fix them.


    1. Blood Tests

    During a normal health screening a specialist may likewise request that you do a blood test.

    These are done so as to wipe out the danger of illnesses that can appear in your blood.

    These incorporate cholesterol, diabetes, malignant growth, hypertension, iron deficiency, HIV/AIDS, just as coronary supply route sicknesses. Blood tests likewise help specialists to appropriately assess the working of different body organs like liver, kidneys, heart and thyroid.


    1. Recognizes Stress-Related Diseases

    We live in a very quick moving world with feverish work routines and ways of life.

    This can start off an assortment of illnesses in the human body that are expedited by pressure. Increment in stress and tension have been seen as straightforwardly identified with various ailments that are both physical just as mental.

    These incorporate hypertension, hypertension, weight increase, mental issue, Alzheimer’s, despondency, asthma, and even gastrointestinal issues. Standard restorative registration ensure that it is simpler to analyze and identify these issues before they turn excessively serious.

    Standard registration can ensure that you get the prompt and bolster you need from your primary care physician to help fight off the ills of a high pressure way of life.


    1. Keeps You Abreast of Your Health

    Your screening results will advise your PCP all they have to think about your health.

    Contingent on them they may caution you as well as offer you guidance on how you can all the more likely keep up your health.

    A basic model is in what manner or capacity numerous individuals overlook their dental health. This can worsen quickly and cause issues at a later stage. At the point when distinguished at a beginning period issues can be taken care of with little changes in way of life.

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