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Master Health Checkup in Bangalore @ Just Rs. 2999 - Express Clinics

    Master Health Checkup in Bangalore @ Just Rs. 2999

    Master Health Checkup in Bangalore @ Just Rs. 2999

    The Express Clinics master health checkup in Bangalore procedures involves kidney profile, lipid profile, and liver profile tests. A master health checkup in Bangalore includes physical evaluation too. The physical evaluation process tests your blood pressure, pulse rate and waist-to-hip ratio. It also includes a routine check of your height and weight.

    Master Health Checkup in Bangalore @ Rs. 999

    Who Should Buy Master Health Checkup in Bangalore?

    • People looking to make a drastic change in their lifestyle, and over the age of 18.

    • People with a family history of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels and physical ailments.

    Master Health Checkup in Bangalore Starting @ Rs. 999 covers 71 tests parameters as mentioned below-

    Hemogram with ESR (19)Thyroid profile (3)
    Fasting Blood Sugar (1)HBA1c
    Urine routine (20)Sr Calcium
    Renal Profile (3)C Reactive Protein
    Liver Function Test (10)Iron Studies (3)
    Lipid Profile (7)Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3
    • Master Health Check Up

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      Master Health Check Up

      71 Parameters

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    Master Health Checkup in Bangalore Starting @ Rs. 999

    Express Clinics is offering you the adaptability to pick the best health check-up packages that match your needs. Our comprehensive health packages are perfect for individuals of all age gatherings. 

    Focused on lifestyle because of exhaust or work weight may prompt the failure to manage time for day by day exercises, and variety in eating schedules which will majorly affect your health. It is said that “Health is riches”, maintaining great health is important for each person. Remembering this, Express Clinics offers different health check-up packages that characterize the specific health problems of experts and officials. These health packages incorporate a comprehensive cluster of different tests and general health check-ups. Express Clinics is devoted to giving a customized health package to everybody who is searching for complete body check-up and general health check-up administrations offered at a reasonable expense.

    Got your general health check-up done? On the off chance that you are looking for best-quality health check-up administrations, at that point book an appointment at Express Clinics and get customized health packages offered at the best cost.

    Spare yourself from the issue of finding an ideal master health checkup in Bangalore. Express Clinics brings to you the best master health checkup in Bangalore, including a couple health check, master health checkup package and medical checkups making it the conspicuous decision for individuals paying special mind to a comprehensive medical check-up. Employment-related pressure, unhealthy dietary patterns and insufficient rest offer ascent to health complications that should be gone to at the correct time before the beginning of a lifestyle infection. In such circumstances, a general medical checkup is key to guarantee that your health status remains flawless.

    Importance of Health Checkups.

    An age back, individuals used to see their PCP just when they were weakened, or kicking the bucket. Today, preventive health care is becoming commonplace as individuals become more instructed and empowered about their very own health. Individuals are preemptively looking for medical guidance on the most proficient method to carry on with a healthy way of life. They are hoping to bring down their danger of different conditions or maladies by maintaining a healthy eating regimen, weight, and level of physical movement.

    Specialists are additionally mentioning that patients get ordinary check-ups to help remain over their health. They are featuring the importance of counteractive action, as a means to decrease the number of patients requiring medical treatment or medical procedure.

    Standard check-ups can help discover potential health issues before they become a problem. At the point when you see your primary care physician consistently, they can identify health conditions or infections early. Early recognition gives you the most obvious opportunity for getting the correct treatment rapidly, keeping away from any complications. By getting the right health administrations, screenings, and treatment you are stepping toward carrying on with a more extended, healthier life. 

    The advantages of standard check-ups include: 

    • Decrease your danger of becoming ill.
    • Identify conceivably uncertain health conditions or infections early.
    • Increment chances for treatment and fix.
    • Limit danger of complications by intently monitoring existing conditions 
    • Increase life expectancy and improve health.
    • Diminish healthcare costs after some time by keeping away from expensive medical treatments.
    • Form a decent association with the specialist so treatment can be more productive.
    • Get refreshed on new medical information or innovations that are accessible.

    Advantages of Master Health Checkup in Bangalore with us: 

    • Express Clinics has tie-ups with a wide system of rumored clinics in Bangalore giving the best entire body health check-ups offices in India. 
    • We offer our heart health checkup benefits crosswise over 78+ urban areas crosswise over India with pre and post specialist’s advising. 
    • Express Clinics, India’s driving healthcare expert is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Preventive Healthcare Company. 
    • Schedule your medical health checkup appointment at your preferred focal point in Bangalore and get up to 40% off on health check-up.

    Preventive Health Packages

    • Executive Health Check Up

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      Executive Health Check Up

      71 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Express Health Check Up

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      Express Health Check Up

      88 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Full Body Check Up

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      Full Body Check Up

      96 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Master Health Check Up

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      Master Health Check Up

      71 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Preventive Health Check Up

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      Preventive Health Check Up

      63 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Senior Citizen Annual Health Care Plan @ Home

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      Senior Citizen Annual Health Care Plan @ Home

      70 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Senior Citizen Health Check Up

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      Senior Citizen Health Check Up

      70 Parameters

      BUY NOW
    • Smart Women Package

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      Smart Women Package

      72 Test Parameters

      BUY NOW
    clinics in Bangalore

    Instructions for preparation for a health check-up

    Get enough rest, in any event, 6 hours, before the health checkup. 

    The absence of rest may cause unusual outcomes, for example, pulse, heartbeat, and internal heat level. The specialist will most likely be unable to evaluate if any change is a genuine variation from the norm.

    Try not to eat or drink in any event 8 – 10 hours before the health checkup. Water anyway might be openly taken to maintain a strategic distance from lack of hydration impacts on glucose and cholesterol tests in the program.

    Kindly don’t drink liquor for at any rate 24 hours preceding arrangement as medications and liquor may influence a few tests. If you don’t mind educating the specialist or medical attendant before the test.

    In the event that you are taking the drug for hypertension, you can keep taking according to the specialist’s solution.

    On the off chance that you have an incessant sickness or other medical issues if it’s not too much trouble bring any test outcomes or restorative report with you to aid analysis.

    Should wear dress enabling access to the upper arm.

    For females, stay away from 7 days prior to or after the menstrual period. On the off chance that you are bleeding, you ought not to have a urine test in light of the fact that there will be blood defilement which influences the translation of the outcome. 

    Bosom disease screening by Digital Mammogram, ought to abstain from having the test during the menstrual period as the bosom is tense around then. The patient ought to have a mammogram after the period. 

    On the off chance that pregnant, kindly illuminate the staff to drop the x-beam.

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