Family Health Care Card | Save 20,000/- plus with Express Clinics

    Family Health Care Card

    What is Family Health Care Card?

    Family Health Care Card is a Concession cards to get more affordable medications and some discounts. The Health of a family is the need of high importance and we get this and endeavor to give all ways to guarantee this. At Express Clinics, one can benefit the Family Health Card under which a family comprising of a couple and two youngsters. A variety of Choices has provided with the bifurcation of the family cards.

    Family Health Care Card

    Who can buy Family Health Care Card?

    We have Biforcated Family Health Care Card in multiple segments by keeping in mind complete care of Family. We value a commitment of care towards the complete family. Bifurcation is as follows:

    • FAMILY CARD – Individual (Below 60 Years)
    • FAMILY CARD – Family 1 + 3 person (Below 60 Years)
    • FAMILY CARD – Self + Spouse (Below 60 Years)
    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen (Above 60 Years)
    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen Couple (Above 60 Years)

    What all Benefits involved in Family care Card?

    • Get Instant Saving of Rs. 20,000 Plus on Health expenses
    • FREE Unlimited 24 IMP Tests 
    • FREE One Health Checkup 63 parameters
    • Up to 50% OFF on Doctor Consultation, Pathology & Diagnostics
    • FREE 1 Lac Personal accident, plus Other Benefits.

    Family Health Care Card

    • FAMILY CARD – Family 1 + 3 person (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Individual (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Self + Spouse (Below 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen (Above 60 Years)

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    • FAMILY CARD – Senior Citizen Couple (Above 60 Years)

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    What are parameters involved in Family Health Care card?

    • Hemogram (18)
    • ESR (1)
    • Fasting Blood Sugar (1)
    • Urine routine (20)
    • Liver Function Test (10)
    • Lipid Profile (7)
    • Thyroid profile (3)
    • Renal Profile (3)

    Why one should have family Health screening and why it is important?

    Health Screening is the way toward identifying individuals who might be at an extended danger of illness or diseases. Health Screenings are evaluations and analyses to search for an illness before patients build up any side effects. It is significant because from a therapeutic viewpoint disease is superior to fix. It is additionally regularly simpler to treat or for sure fix a condition in its beginning periods.

    Womens Health Screenings:

    You should visit your medicinal assistance provider every once in a year, regardless of whether you are healthy. The purpose of these visits is to:

    • Cover for therapeutic problems 
    • Estimate your risk for future therapeutic problems 
    • Strengthen a healthy way of life 
    • Update immunizations 

    Treat you with increasing progressively familiar with your provider if there ought to emerge an encounter of a sickness

    Despite whether you feel fine, you should, regardless, watch your provider for standard checkups. These visits can help you in avoiding issues later on. For example, the most ideal approach to see whether you have hypertension is to have it checked reliably. High glucose and raised cholesterol levels similarly probably won’t have any symptoms to start with times. A direct blood test can check for these conditions

    Family Health Care Card

    Other Benefits:

    • Unlimited Consultation : Physician, Dental, Telephonic
    • 1 Free Health Checkup – 63 Test Parameters worth Rs. 2,720/- (After 6 Months of Activation)
    • 50% DISCOUNT on 2 additional Health Checkup Package
    • Unlimited Blood & Diagnostic Tests – Covering 24 Test Parameters (Based on Dr’s. Prescription)
    • 50% DISCOUNT on MD Consultation
    • Up to 50% DISCOUNT* on any additional Blood & Radiology Test
    • Up to 20% DISCOUNT* on Medicines
    • IPD Tie-up *@ Partners Hospitals( Launching soon )                                                 * T & C Apply

    Services Support

    • Online Health risk assessment
    • App for appointment bookings
    • Tele support – Doctor on chat / call
    • Login on website
    • Online Repository for reports
    • Health Analytics
    • Health talks, camps & first aid training
    • Payment Gateway facility
    • Monthly online news letter
    Family Health Care Card | Save 20,000/- plus with Express Clinics


    For what reason would it be a good idea for me to take participation? 


    FC (FAMILY CARD) is a markdown card that gives a discount to social insurance needs to its individuals at our facilities the nation over. Through this rebate, individuals from FC can spare a considerable measure of cash during their customary, intermittent and irregular wellbeing checkups. 


    Additionally, you ought not to trust that an ailment will happen to utilize an FC Healthcare Membership Card – you can likewise utilize it for checkups, medicinal exhortation, therapeutic supposition, dental consideration and so forth at a lower cost 

    What is the legitimacy of the card? 


    The legitimacy of FC is for 1 Year from the date of actuation. 


    What are the methods of installments adequate?

    One can pay to via cash, Online Bank payment, at our Clinics or on our site . 

    Who can purchase this card? 


    Anybody can purchase this card, an Individual, Corporate Employee, SMB, Retail, Government Employee, and so forth.


    For Corporate Booking in Bulk please send us the email at or call our Toll-Free Number at 18002679191 

    Is there any age farthest point and age spread for the participation of the card? 


    No! There are no age cutoff points or age spread limitations for FC Membership. Be that as it may, a minor part should go with a grown-up for checkups. 

    What number of individuals in the family can be secured (min and max number of cards)? 


    In a family enrollment, up to 4 individuals can be secured. On the off chance that there are further people in the family, extra individual/couple/family enrollments can be taken. 

    What number of cards will I get for Family and Couple? 


    You will get one eCard for Family and Couple which will incorporate the name and different distinctions of your relative or your mate. 

    What is the ideal opportunity for the conveyance of the enrollment card to the part? What is the procedure to be followed on the off chance that I don’t get the card inside the predetermined time? 


    Answer-You will get the FC Healthcare Plan Membership eCard(s) inside 2 working days after acknowledgment of your installment on your email address. In the far-fetched occasion that you don’t get the card inside this timespan, it would be ideal if you call up the FC Customer Care Toll-Free Number. 

    I have never known about FC. Would you be able to please disclose to me something about Express Clinics? How might I confide in the organization? 


    Answer-FAMILY CARD is a result of Express Clinics Pvt. Ltd. Express Clinics is India’s quickest developing “Multispeciality Clinic and Diagnostic Chain”, right now working through 26 Clinics at Bengaluru, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kalyan, Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Noida, Pune, and Thane. Aside from this, we have a system of 3200 member Diagnostic Clinics as our Network Partners, giving inclusion in 500+ urban areas on a skillet India premise. 


    We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Enterprise with a NABL Accredited Lab*, We right now serve 700+ corporate customers crosswise over different businesses like Manufacturing, IT and ITES, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance, and others. 

    Each time I wish to profit your administrations do I have to call the assistance work area – for what reason do you not give the rundown of subsidiaries and accomplices? Or then again on the off chance that I am routinely visiting one accomplice/associate do I have to re-check each time with you? 


    Answer-FC always audits the nature of administrations being offered by impaneled indicative focuses/therapeutic offices. On the off chance that FC isn’t completely happy with the input, individuals are giving about a specific specialist/therapeutic office, FC may decide to evacuate the specialist/restorative office from its system. Likewise, FC continually impanels new indicative focuses/medicinal offices to its system, in light of understanding part needs. Along these lines, it is fitting for you to consistently approach our Customer Care Toll-Free Number – initially, you can affirm if the specialist/therapeutic office is still a piece of the FC organize; additionally, you may locate that another specialist/restorative office has been included who is progressively appropriate for you. 

    What is the method for benefiting the Health Packages and Services at your focuses under the Family Card program? 


    One has to purchase the Family Card according to need and afterward eCard will be given from that point. Once eCard or Family Card enrollment number is created, a part can benefit the wellbeing office at Express Clinics’ closest area. When a part visits the closest facility, one needs to finish the enlistment procedure. 


    After enlistment, one can benefit the wellbeing office and each time part visits the middle they will get the OTP on their enrolled number which they have to give at Clinic Reception to assist the system. 


    Note: Member needs to convey any Government ID verification to benefit the administrations at our focuses alongside the OTP got on the enlisted versatile number. 

    Do you give reports of tests? 


    We will email you the reports on your enlisted email address 

    Do you give reports of tests? 


    We will email you the reports on your enlisted email address 

    What occurs after the legitimacy of the FC participation card has terminated? 


    Participation advantages of the FC Healthcare Plan are never again legitimate once the card legitimacy lapses. To guarantee continuous advantages, you ought to reestablish your enrollment preceding participation expiry. This should be possible by calling up the FC Customer Care Toll-Free Number to look for help for enrollment restoration. Imagine a scenario in which some symptomatic focus/associate on the system leave halfway. FC continually audits its associate system dependent on part input; in this way, there is a little probability that a specialist might be dropped from the FC organize now and again. Be that as it may, FC will consistently guarantee that a reasonable new specialist is added to the system as a substitution, with the goal that your needs are dealt with. 

    What are your contact subtleties for concerns and questions? 


    You may call us at our Customer Care Toll-Free Number at 18002679191 or email every one of your questions to 

    Would I be able to bless this card to somebody? 


    Truly, it is feasible for you to blessing this card to somebody by paying the yearly participation expenses for the primary year. According to your guidelines, we can give the participation eCard(s) either to you or the individual you are gifting it to. Be that as it may, your very own FC Healthcare Plan enrollment eCard isn’t transferable and can’t be utilized by any other individual. 

    Why the charges are more for Senior Citizens? 


    The individuals who have crossed 60 years old and fall in the senior resident age section are progressively helpless to wellbeing issues. The likelihood of having therapeutic issues increment with age and the necessity for benefiting pathology tests additionally increments when contrasted with youngsters. 

    Would I be able to get an inversion of enrollment charges if I am disturbed?

    FC is sure that you won’t have any motivation to be discontent with the administrations given on the FC Healthcare Membership Plans. Nonetheless, if by chance you have an awful encounter or not content with our administration, if you don’t mind ring us and we will investigate the issue.

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