Diabetes Profile

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    The biggest modern risk we have is a sedentary lifestyle which leads to inactive, energy imbalance and other harmful diseases. We should get preventive health care, early diagnosis of diseases, dental exams, consultations, vaccinations and immunizations on time. We should be aware of any Information on healthy lifestyles, healthy habits and also regarding weight loss and exercise, pain and depression.

    Express Clinics offers various preventive health check-up packages for you and your family ranging from a specific health check-up to a complete whole body checkup.

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that triggers high blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body. Although diabetic patients can lead a normal life, uncontrolled diabetes can cause serious long-term complications. Diabetes Profile Package is designed to diagnose & treat such complications at the right time including a wide range of relevant test parameters:

    * Haemogram with ESR
    * HbA1C
    * Lipid Profile
    * ECG
    * Blood Sugar Fasting and PP
    * BMI and BP
    * SGPT
    * Dental Check Up
    * SGOT
    * Opthalm Check Up
    * Creatinine
    * Diet Consultation
    * Urine Routine
    * Physician Consultation

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