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    The biggest modern risk we have is a sedentary lifestyle which leads to inactive, energy imbalance and other harmful diseases. We should get preventive health care, early diagnosis of diseases, dental exams, consultations, vaccinations and immunizations on time. We should be aware of any Information on healthy lifestyles, healthy habits and also regarding weight loss and exercise, pain and depression.

    Express Clinics offers various preventive health check-up packages for you and your family ranging from a specific health check-up to a complete whole body checkup.

    The idea of Master Health Check is to check for the efficiency of vital organs, detect any potential illness at an early stage and cure it on time. Using these tests body gets scan thoroughly and give us overall health status. This health checkup mainly involves following tests:

    * Haemogram with ESR
    * Urine Routine
    * Lipid Profile
    * ECG
    * Kidney Function Test
    * Chest X-Ray
    * Liver Function Test
    * BMI and BP
    * T3, T4, TSH
    * Physician Consultation
    * Blood Sugar Fasting and PP

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