Meditation and Exercise may ease Depression

    Depression is a mental health disorder which comes with the symptoms like feeling of sadness constantly, loss of interest in any activities, behavioral and physical changes. A depressed person may have less sleep, poor appetite, low energy level, lack of concentration or confidence. A depressed person can think of suicide also.
    There have been many studies published recently which shows that exercises and meditation combine together can reduce depression. When a person is in major depression or anxiety, he or she does not want to go for any exercises or meditation. If the person gets motivated then exercise and meditation are the best way to heal depression. Meditation and exercise are a Drug-Free alternative to antidepressants.

    Meditation and Exercise as a Treatment for depression

    Daily exercise and meditation may help ease depression by:

    1. Exercises and Meditation together release feel good endorphins, which are secreted from the brain and nervous system. This enhances the senses of well being of a person.
    2. Meditation and exercises together combat all worries from your mind. A person can keep calm and concentrate more to do any activities.
    3. Both help to gain confidence. If a person puts an exercise goal, then it can boost up your self confidence. When a person loses weight and get back in shape, then he or she gets motivated and can get rid of depression.
    4. Healthy habits lead to healthy life. Adopting bad habits like drinking alcohol, being isolated can make a person more depressed. So instead of these, adopt the healthy habits like socializing, exercising, meditating to be more productive.

    Ten Ways Meditation and Exercise Enhance Well Being of a Person

    1. Promote brain performance
    2. Enhance creative thinking
    3. Reduce stress
    4. Manage anxiety
    5. Increase compassion
    6. Decrease depression
    7. Reduce any kind of pain
    8. Lower the risk of heart attack or stroke
    9. Help in improving mood and sleep in person with cancer
    10. Reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    Some Tips to Get Started with Meditation and Exercises

    1. Figure out, what you like to do the most. It may be roaming around, playing outdoor games or simply walking. Do what you enjoy will help you to stick with it.
    2. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about your mental health. If you discuss then your doctor will give you an exciting activity routine. Thus, you can get rid of depression more easily.
    3. Set your own healthy goals. Think practically what you can do and start gradually.
    4. Do not consider meditation and exercise mandatory. If you do so, then you may lose interest.
    5. Figure it out what is stopping you from doing meditation and exercises. If you feel less motivated, find a partner to do the same. If you are shy to go out for exercising, start it at home.
    6. Do not lose your hope. If you cannot exercise or meditate one day, then do not stop for the next day.
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