Laughter is the best medicine? LOL and see!

    They say laughter is the best medicine! Curious to know why?

    Let’s get a laugh by going over this little example,

    You are all mellow today. Starting with a morning when your bike’s tyre got punctured, you were late to office and adding to your bad luck, while leaving you are given a good scary chase by the neighbourhood stray dog who has always disliked you! He probably sniffed the irritation on you! Somehow you drag yourself home and settle on your favourite couch with some food to nibble on because the pizza boy is late today! You switch on the TV and voila! Your favourite comedy movie is on. It’s just started and you feel that the day is going to end just right. After few moments, you are clutching your stomach and laughing. This movie is never old for you. In just few minutes you feel as if your head is light as a bubble and the stress has just vanished in thin air. Puff! You feel relaxed and so happy that you pay extra tip to the pizza boy even though he was late!

    See the difference? What LOL has done to you? Whoever said laughter is the best medicine is absolutely right!

    The benefits of the laughter therapy range from psychological to physical well-being. Befriend laughter and experience for yourself it’s magic. Life is surely a roller coaster! Ups and downs, happy days and those grumpy moments are a part and parcel of living but just one dose of laughter can make this ride fun! Shed the blues and embrace humour, adding life to your routine.

    Here are some of the benefits of laughter

    1. Laughter is a stress antidote

    You don’t like that stress, do you now? So when this villain meddles with your happiness, laugh out loud at the stress as it will help your whole body relax. A nice belly laugh will help you relieve that stress, and overcome illnesses like anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

    2. Laughter is your heart buddy

    Your heart loves your sense of humour. It is a proved fact that laughter improves blood flow, hence protecting the heart against cardiovascular diseases.

    3. Laughter is your immunity shield

    The regular “ho-ho-ho” is proved to increase the immunity of the body to fight, hence improving the resistance to infections. Laughter and the immune system are boon companions!

    Along with these health benefits, a good laughter helps in burning calories, reducing that dangerous anger level (no more being short-fused!), increasing the flexibility to approach criticism and negative outcomes, thus all in all helping towards a happier life!

    As mentioned before, laughter is a great stress reliever on a personal level but apart from that it contributes a lot to your social life. Just a small joke cracked by your friends can make you burst out laughing wiping away the tears in no time! Also, your humor can certainly get you new people in life, after all everyone needs that dose of laughter amid that huge pile of stress! Relationships and friendships flourish with the sprinkle of some chuckle and giggle!

    Behold the power of laughter! Some good laughs can make life go from good to better.

    On this World Laughter Day, let’s start the dosage of laughter as medicine; say as many times a day! Make a resolution today that as promptly you type LOL and ROFL into your digital life, with the same promptness you will laugh out loud in your real life. Let the ha-ha-ha be with you always!

    Wishing you a happy life with a bit of chortle, giggle and lots of hearty laughs!

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