My Medical Record

Express Clinics has invested heavily in creating and maintaining customer database in the form of Electronic Medical Reports (EMR).

All customers will have an unique ID linked to their Electronic Medical Reports. Customer can visit any center in any part of India and their Medical Reports from the point in time they visited will be available with the treating doctor.

Electronic Medical Reports (EMR) helps avoid duplication of testing, prescribing medicines that in combination might be dangerous and the ability for anyone on the medical team to understand the approaches taken. A person with complex health issues may see several specialists and can easily get confused by overlapping or contradictory advice. When specialists and primary care doctors use the same system for Electronic Medical Reports, then everyone in the team is aware of all the previous actions and recommendations through.

Electronic Medical Reports save time as well. When a doctor has instant access to all of a patient’s information, including diagnostics and pathology tests with information about prescriptions or allergies, they are empowered to act right away, thus saving time. This is particularly helpful in emergency situations where a patient cannot answer questions about medical history due to extreme illness or injury.